Initial gathering of technical details

A project log for Forth and back again: Repairing a cheap LED-TV

This project is a collection of my experiences in repairing a TV from a hackers perspective. A 40" with no obvious HW problem is not waste!

benjaminaignerbenjaminaigner 10/02/2020 at 18:020 Comments

The TV is a 40" TV, brand Medion. This brand is sold in Europa by Aldi (Hofer in Austria)

and is known for its "basic" quality. I guess the price was around 250-300€ (I found an offer of 299€ for a 55" TV).

On the Medion homepage, there is no useful information for this device. No firmware files, but a store for some spare parts.

If you open the TV, there are basically 3 PCBs:

After some research, I found following details:

Time spent: 20h, mostly for finding infos on the internet