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A project log for Sebastian Rocket

A level one certification rocket utilizing 3D printed components

Sir Michael IISir Michael II 11/09/2020 at 20:180 Comments

So it launched. It wasn't very fun. Or at least recovery wasn't. The wind was about 20-25mph. Sebastian had a 36 inch parachute. About 850 g. After measuring on google earth the drift was around 2.55 miles. After retrieving another person's Level 3 nosecone along the way, the total HIKE was just under four and a half miles. Launched Saturday, late Monday and my feet still hurt. Launch was good, got my Level one certification. 198.5m/s (444 mph), 805.8m (2643 ft). H242-10 motor. Eight foot long 1 inch rail. Honeywell Commercial Launch setup in the background.