Raaco HandyBox Insert 1/2xA9-1 (Custom)

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pydrewPyDrew 11/01/2020 at 19:531 Comment

The compartment that I found myself printing the most often was a variation that Raaco does not offer. For small components -- like 3MM hardware or individual transistors -- even a quantity of 50 didn't fill up the smallest of inserts, the A9-1.

The 1/2xA9-1 was an attempt to follow Raaco's semi-weird naming convention and subdivided the smallest insert.

As my confidence in 3D printing improved, the insert walls went from 3mm walls to 1.6mm to the final 0.8mm.

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PyDrew wrote 11/07/2020 at 16:05 point

Edit : Added dimension drawings and links to Thingiverse or OnShape.

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