Project delayed for approx 30 days

A project log for Hackaday Clock A Day Entry: CMOS Logic Clock

This is my entry into the informal Hackaday "Clock a day" project. A 7 Segment LED CMOS clock.

Mario GianotaMario Gianota 01/15/2021 at 23:520 Comments

I am using the wrong kind of ripple binary counter (the CD4060BE in the schematic). I spent a frustrating day trying to find the fault with the breadboard hookup. Anyway, I eventually found the problem and have found a chip that will do what I expect it to do (I think it will, but you know how it is.). The supplier is in China so I will have to wait about 30 days for delivery. As soon as it arrives I will be able to quickly test the counter reset logic for hours, minutes and seconds. The new binary counter chip is a CD4020B. Despite this problem I am confident that the project is proceeding nicely.