MK-52 is fully functional

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A Programmable Calculator from the USSR!

ptravptrav 02/14/2021 at 12:240 Comments

Now the calculator can  enter programs, store them to SD card and read them back. Basically, everything works as planned. The English wiki docs is are about 33% cooked here:

I have started using the monster as my primary calculator. Based on the experience, some refinements may be needed. In particular, an automatic switch-off after a period of inactivity is a must. Also, it would be nice to allow a WiFi connectivity. I will build a laundry list and then do yet another coding session.

The next big item is to make a full copy of the ESP32 into the C# emulator and release a Windows installer. Now the display is a pixel-to-pixel match:

Programming editor:

This is a test screen with all 255 symbols shown: