ParaDrone: Autopilot for Parachutes

Arduino based autopilot system for any parachute

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BASEline ParaDrone aims to automate the flight of any parachute or paraglider.

The system consists of:
- Hardware to pull left and right toggles.
- Electronics for remote control and autopilot control.
- Autopilot software

Some background: I'm a skydiver and wingsuit base jumper. In early 2020, I was thinking about ways to make skydives without needing to buy an entire plane or helicopter to jump out of. Initially I was thinking about human lift drones, but it seemed impractical. Then it occurred to me: how hard would it really be to make a self-flying parachute? And if you can autonomously fly a parachute, why not a paraglider? Or even a paramotor. And so the idea for ParaDrone was born...

  • Minimum Viable Prototype

    Kenny01/21/2021 at 03:53 0 comments

    (Early 2020)

    In order to prove the concept I wanted to build a minimum viable prototype. I took an 18" board, 2 continuous rotation servos, and an off-the-shelf R/C setup.

    The line would wind around the servo on a spool, guided by kitchen cabinet hardware. RSL shackles on the end of the line were used to attach to toggles on the parachute. Then I took it to my local skydiving dropzone to test it:

    SUCCESS! The first test proved it was viable, but needed improvement...

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freeflightlab wrote 01/22/2021 at 02:33 point

Love the flight testing!

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