• Biohacking Daren.

    04/30/2019 at 04:58 0 comments

    At the beach the other day and stuff started to go flying.  Reflexes got the better of me, but I didn't shoot the sheriff.  I tried to grab for the stuff just as it was going under a fence rail.

    I nicked the edge of the fence with the center two nails on my left hand.  Both nails split, and folded back.  OW.  I did catch the plastic bag I was grabbing for though.  Success?

    The split nails kept catching on stuff after that, and bending more.  More OW.

    So I super glue the split.  Not the fleshy bits, just the nail itself.  Super glue in the fleshy bits is bad.

    That lasted for about a day, and broke again while putting on a pair of socks.  Fail...

    I recalled how super glue reacts with paper fibre basically instantly curing. (it is exothermic, so be careful...)

    So I super glued them both again, but this time embedded a tiny bit of paper towel over the top to bridge the crack.  

    This worked so well, I'm here writing about it.  A bit of clear nail polish and the paper towel almost disappears too.

    I accidentally opened a can of soda with that fingernail today and didn't scream in pain.  I'd call that a success.

  • Short links.

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    URL Shortener links for hackaday.io.

    For users, you need to use the username instead of the user number, which may or may not be shorter than just https://hackaday.io/hacker/2335

  • Mowing = Slicing.

    03/12/2019 at 00:01 0 comments

    I realized today as I mowed the grass I was taking the same path that a slicer would take.

    First I did the perimeters, outside first, then one inner perimeter.

    Then I mowed the remaining area in strips.  As I had waited too long, I made another pass opposing the first.

    I sliced my yard 2 walls, outer first, line infill, 2 layers.  :)

    Now I need to go clean up the print with a string trimmer...