How to do this is painfully obvious by looking at the photos. In case it isn't, you cut the LED strip to the length of your chip tube, and fit it in the notch. If it's the weatherproofed kind, chances are it will fit so snugly, it will require no tape/glue to fix it in place. The IR remote + RGB control box these come with was surprisingly good, I didn't even build a custom one this time.

It 'requires' 12v, but works fine of 9. I run it off 5v + a DC-DC converter so I can power them from USB / extra phone battery recharger things. I lose power a lot, and people around need to work/study.

I won't pretend this is sophisticated; all I did was throw a few premade components together. Hopefully useful to someone like me who had lots of LEDs, chip tubes, and poor workspace lighting.