Make your Bluetooth Low Energy connection secure

Secure communications keep data safe while also prevents unauthorized devices from injecting data

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Protection of private information is essential for every wireless low energy device, from fitness band to payment systems. Privacy mechanisms prevent devices from being tracked by untrusted devices.

Secure communications keep data safe while also preventing unauthorized devices from injecting data to trigger the system's unintended operation.

In Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), devices connected to a link can pass sensitive data by setting up a secure encrypted connection, which means making the data unreadable to all but the Bluetooth master and slave devices.

BleuIO has introduced security feature into its latest release (firmware v1.3.0 ). User can now use Numeric Comparison, Just Works or Passkey Entry to make data transmission more secure when working with Bluetooth low energy application using BleuIO.
Following video shows how to pair between two BleuIO devices and apply above mentioned security.

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