wind weather station

This is a product match the anemometer to measure the wind speed, also provide other interfaces and sensor to measure tem, hum, and so on.

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With the ride of the outdoor activities, Surfing, paragliding, kites, hot air balloons and other activities have attracted more and more attention. Those activities are more or less affected by the wind speed, and the too strong or too weak wind is not suitable. I want to make a project named wind weather station to measure the wind anytime in the wild.
Wind weather station provide a project to measure wind speed everywhere, also it can measure other parameters if need. It has the ability to work alone without control in the field.
Wind weather station report the data with A9G to the internet, and the data can be accessible all over the world.

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  • Update PCB

    Makerfabs04/22/2021 at 09:50 0 comments

    I had prepared a case to install the PCB,  but it was hard because the interfaces are out of the board. To installed the PCB board to a case, I had to modify it.

    In the debugging, I found the display was turned on and had no way to turn it off, it increased the consumption. In order to reduce the consumption and improve the battery life of the weather station, I designed a button to turn off the display screen. At the same time, I deleted the power LED on board. I added a solar panel interface to the board, which can plug the solar panel into it to charge the battery.

  • MQTT Test

    Makerfabs04/16/2021 at 10:30 0 comments

    Since the first debug, the sensors were working fine, and the measurements could be displayed on the LCD. After it, I would test the A9G module working, I had prepared a SIM card for the A9G module to connect the network.

    First, I had to program the board to drive the A9G module running. I spent some time programming for the microcontroller to control the A9G module power on and communicate with it by UART. Used the SERIAL monitor of Arduino IDE to send some AT command, I could get the reply such as ”OK”, that prove the communication between the microcontroller and A9G module is well.

    After it, I began to try transmitting the data to MQTT by the A9G module. Referring the guide of A9G module, I use the serial monitor to send the commands for MQTT one by one that is succeed to transmit the data and I could receive the transmitted data by other MQTT client. But it is worth noting that the GSM antenna must be connected, otherwise the module could not be connected to the network that I wasted a lot of time because of it.  

    Next, I programmed the commands to the code, to drive the board transmitting data to MQTT automatically.

  • First debugging

    Makerfabs03/13/2021 at 11:40 0 comments

    I have finished the debugging of the components. Fortunately, all the components seem no problem and worked normally. 

    After downloading the firmware to the controller, I used the testing code written by Arduino to debug the sensor--DHT11, BMP280, and so on. As the picture: 

  • Get the first vesion board

    Makerfabs03/05/2021 at 09:38 0 comments

    After completing the verification experiment, I designed a board based on the components used. The controller and sensors used are integrated on the board. This would be the first version of this project. After I finished the design, I entrusted the factory to make it for me. Now, I have got the first version of wind weather station, I can’t wait to power on now.

  • Verify

    Makerfabs03/01/2021 at 10:04 0 comments

    Before starting to design, I had made a project with multiple modules to verify. The modules I prepared:

    I use the A9G module to report the data with MQTT, and use the ESP32 module with a display to subscribe to the data from the MQTT broker. 

    You can click here to view the detail of the test if interested.

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