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Radu Motisan

Thirsty for knowledge.

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The Hackaday Prize Quarterfinalist The Hackaday Prize Semifinalist 2015 Hackaday Prize Quarterfinalist 2015 Hackaday Prize Semifinalist

Things I've Built

Twin Marx Generator

Some pictures with my marx generator throwing high voltage discharges!

Thyratron Switched Tesla Coil

Using a hydrogen Thyratron tube to switch a Tesla Coil. The Thyratron tube replaces the noisy spark gap. More:

Geiger Counter

A digital dosimeter design that can be used with multiple geiger tubes, constructed around the atmega8 microcontroller and a 2×16 LCD. Equipped with a radio Bluetooth:


Building an autonomous robot using a rover platform and advanced electronics is not an easy job. Here is a robot that follows its user. A companion, very much like a robo-dog:

Global radiation monitoring network

uRADMonitor is a global array of automatic, network connected monitoring stations, focused on continuous Environmental Gamma Radiation Surveillance. More:

Capacitor Discharge Microspot Welder / Cutter

A DIY microspot soldering/welding/cutting device using energy stored in a very large capacitor delivered as precisely calculated pulses to working electrodes. More on:

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Erin RobotGrrl wrote 11/19/2015 at 15:26 point

Radu it was cool to meet you at Supercon! I can't wait to see what you make next...

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