ESP32 usb software host

Sofware usb host for connecting mouse , keyboard and joystick to ESP32

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ESP32 software USB host through general IO pins. We can connect up to 4 USB-LS HID (keyboard mouse joystick) devices simultaneously.

Pure software implementation of USB LS HOST stack for ESP32 chip. Now we can connect usb keyboard,mouse and joystick direct to ESP32 board

esp32 USB-LS pure software host thru general IO pins. Up to 4 HID devices simultaneously.

board ~$3 : or any of

usb connectors(for example):

//set right esp32 env for me it:

export IDF_PATH=$HOME/esp/esp-idf

source $HOME/esp/esp-idf/

//connect the board, build & flash

git clone

cd esp32_usb_soft_host/usb_test/

make flash monitor


zx spectrum wit 2 keyboards

JPEG Image - 394.55 kB - 04/03/2021 at 21:27


  • 1 × any esp32 board
  • 4 × usb type A female socket Connectors and Accessories / Telecom and Datacom (Modular) Connectors

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