Simple and dirty Screw anti-seize dipper

This is a screw anti-seize dipper also function as a wire painter.

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It is a hack to apply a thin layer of anti-seize agent on screws. You can make it out of PE foam or any foam at hand. I used one that came from the packing materials. You can make it into any size depending on the bolt or wire you are trying to coat. Cut a groove tapered slightly from one end to the other. I made the end of the slot width tightly fit the screws I am using.

To use it, just load the reservoir with anti-seize and dip a bolt in the reservoir, then drag through the groove while slightly turning the bolt.

This same hack also works as a wire painter. I stuffed a little bit of paper tissue in the reservoir and load it with exterior wall paint and press the wire inside the groove using a paintbrush. I had to paint this addition

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