The FREEVSE is an EVSE that can (or will):

  • Charge your electric vehicle
  • Read information from a bluetooth OBD adapter
  • Connect to WiFi
  • Send push notifications about charge sessions
  • Monitor battery degradation
  • Monitor power consumption
  • Schedule peak hours
  • Stop charging at a certain battery %

It is divided into 4 projects.


The FREEVSE hardware project is a board designed around the ESP32. It has headers for the popular doit devkit v1 and all the necessary circuitry to have a fully functioning L1 or L2 charger. It supports LCD over i2c, has an independent GFCI, and all the standard features required by J1772.


The FREEVSE firmware goes hand in hand with the hardware. It support OTA updates, reading vehicle data over BT OBD, sending data/notifications to a backend server and can be controlled by a simple HTTP RPC server.


The FREEVSE app allows you to monitor and control your FREEVSE with your android (IOS soon) phone. It supports notifications and long term data tracking if a backend server is used.


The FREEVSE server ties the app and the firmware together. It is a simple HTTP api with local storage that acts as the middleman for notifications and provides OTA updates via HTTPS,