• Supporter page launched!

    04/27/2022 at 15:01 0 comments

    Hi all, 

    I have created a Ko-fi page, please check it out. I plan to post regular updates on current and future projects. Should you find my content interesting or helpful and would like to support me further on this journey, I would really appreciate any of your contributions on that page. 

    Thank you so much,

  • Project Ideas - Weather, Plants, Evaluation Board +

    02/18/2022 at 10:30 0 comments

    Hi all,

    I am looking for some feedback, suggestions, and comments on some of the projects I am working on to hopefully one day put onto Crowdsupply. The primary motivation for doing this is to help fund me to do what I love: a tinker and invent! I have worked on three PCB designs in recent times and would appreciate any of your comments, thoughts, and feedback. (Names are not final)

    • Solar-Powered Weather Station
      • Ok, so this is probably not the most original, but I managed to use an ESP32-C3 and squeezed it down to a small form factor. I envision this as a product that people can quickly put up in their garden to get real-time weather data. It will be powered using a 16430 Li-Ion battery and a solar panel.
    • Plant Bot - Desk Plant Watering, Monitoring and Lighting System
      • Again, maybe not the most original, but it is an iteration on the available products. It has all of the necessary circuitry required on one PCB, so it focuses more on looking after one plant than being a hub/brain for several pumps and sensors. It will boast an ESP32, a pump, and grow lights and crucially will be powered solely on USB.
    • Bread Pal - Arduino Compatible Evaluation Board with Settable Voltage Levels
      • A spin on the current eval boards available out there. It will boast a switch-mode power supply that takes in 12V and down-converted to any voltage between 3.3V and 9V. On the board will also sit an ATMEGA32U4 which has native Arduino support. The motivation for this is to make electronics a little more accessible by making high voltage/current applications easier to achieve. The board will boast an SMPS to provide at least 2A of current, several IOs that can be triggered to the higher output voltage using a FET, and a 2 stage op-amp circuit causes why not.

    Again any thoughts, comments, feedback will be greatly appreciated. Feel free to suggest things you'd hope to see that will be very helpful.

    Thank you.