Digital Bird 3D Printable Pan Tilt Head

Compact WIFI DSLR Camera PAN Tilt HEAD

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This is the Digital Bird pan Tilt head part 2 of the Digital Bird motion control system. Part1 was the Digital Bird Dual action camera slider.
Coming up very soon will be the DIgital Bird video Turntable followed by the focus motor for the pan tilt head. All parts of the system are WIFI linked and work together or independently to provide a comprehensive motion control system. The system has taken almost two years to develop and has come at some cost. Your support in purchasing the kits is much appreciated and ensures that the system will continue to be developed and supported.
Many thanks to all those who have already joined the project with the slider. There have been many updates along the way but know that the system has been fully ported over to the ESP32 things will begin to settle down to a solid system.

The Pan Tilt Head can be used either with the other System parts or on its own mounted to a tripod.


  • 360 deg of continues rotation in the pan axis and 180 deg in the Tilt axis 
  • Capable of lifting a tilt payload up to 2KG with a 1:30 gearbox and 3KG with a 50:1 gearbox over the fill 180 deg of action considerably more over a reduced angle.
  • Automated mount/dismount via two buttons on the control panel 
  • Sony NP style batteries • 3rd axis support for Focus motor through RJ45 port (Focus motor coming soon) 
  • Full feature interface though Digital Bird WIFI remote (Required for operation controls all parts of the system)

Operating modes: 

  • A-B straight run 
  • A-B with acceleration controls (ramp/Ease) 
  • A-B-A Bounce mode 
  • Time-lapse mode with built in intervalometer and camera shutter control 
  •  Six key sequencer for more complex moves. 
  • Stop motion functions for animators. 
  • PTZplus real-time camera functions.

  • 1 × Digital Bird PanTilt Board with ESP32
  • 1 × Shutter cable with jack Socket
  • 1 × Analogue Joystick & cable
  • 1 × Power Cable with DigitalBird NP Battery Terminals
  • 1 × Two button Mount/Dismount switch harness

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