MQTT ioModul

wired Ethernet IO module that is based on MQTT and has 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs

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We have been looking for a wired Ethernet IO module that is based on MQTT and has many digital inputs and outputs for a long time.

Since we couldn't find anything that met our expectations, we designed such a module with 16 inputs and 16 outputs based on a powerful ESP32 microcontroller.

The wall cabinets picture shows the prototype of the module, 3 pieces in the middle on the right side. The other pictures show the final module.

- 16 digital inputs, 12-24V based, galvanically isolated
- 16 digital outputs, 12-24V based, galvanically isolated
- Ethernet RJ45 interface with MQTT protocol is used to set an output or inform about
input changes
- Status inputs and outputs as well as status of modul is signaled by LED
- Easy parameter configuration (IP addresses, debounce time, …)
- No specialized outputs, so that voltages up to 230V can switched via coupling relay

More informations see:

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