CanAirIO Bike

CanAirIO mobile version that also is a bike computer for share Air quality conditions on your tracks

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CanAirIO is a citizen science community using mobile and fixed sensors to measure air quality with cell phones and low-cost technology. This is an Open Source initiative that uses a ESP32 module and some air quality sensors, interfaced with an Android client app to have fixed (WiFi) or mobile (Bluetooth) air quality stations.

CanAirIO Bike try to motivate collaboration from cyclists or people that use it to have mobile tracks of air quality. We have two new device versions, CanAirIO bike with PM2.5 sensors (Sensirion SPS30) and CanAirIO CO2 (Sensirion SCD30), the latter for sensing the right ventilation in indoors to reduce COVID-19 risk.


These devices able to work in standalone mode without clouds, apps, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. but also you could have the next features:

  • Citizen Science community
  • CanAirIO is Open-Source / Open-Design / Open-Access
  • Two modes: mobile (Bluetooth) or fixed station (WiFi)
  • AQI graph with colors for PM and CO2 values
  • Standard Bluetooth low energy device (GATT)
  • Automatic remote firmware updates
  • Two action buttons with some shortcuts
  • Good quiescent current ~173uA
  • USB Type C interface (support charging on power off)

Mobile station features

  • GPS data tagging via CanAirIO app using Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Two device faces: Air quality or Bike mode screens for now.
  • Some built-in functions: Brightness, AQI graph, sample time, Wifi On/Off, calibration, etc.

Fixed station features

  • CanAirIO cloud alternative : Basic remote dashboard and database
  • Custom InfluxDb alternative: Store all data in your own instance
  • MQTT clouds (coming soon)
  • Sensor Community and other open clouds (coming soon)

NOTE: Supporting our Citizen Science Initiative many people be able to fight for air quality rights in many countries with air quality problems. More info in CanAir.IO


Specs CanAirIO Bike CanAirIO CO2
Main board TTGO T-Display TTGO T-Display
Air quality sensor Sensirion SPS30 (PM) Sensirion SCD30 (CO2)
Environment sensor AM2320 T&H SCD30 T&H
Auto calibration Factory Manual
Sensors Units PM (1.0,2.5,10 mg/u³),°C,%RH CO2 (PPM),°C, %RH
Track Units Kms, HH:MM:SS Kms, HH:MM:SS
Firmware updates OTA / remote OTA / remote
CanAirIO Cloud Included Included
Recommended on Outdoor**/ Indoor Indoor
Dimensions 57x24x101 (mm) 57x20x87 (mm)
Weight 95g 52g
CPU ESP32 Espressif ESP32 Espressif

240MHz Xtensa® Dual core 240MHz Xtensa® Dual core
Flash 16Mb 16Mb
WiFi Yes Yes

802.11 b/g/n 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth Yes Yes

v4.2 BLE standardv4.2 BLE standard
Battery 650mAh ~ >=4h 650mAh >= 10h

Making of CanAirIO Bike
CanAirIO Bike  (Sensirion SPS30 version)

CanAirIO CO2 preview (SCD30 version)

Supporting the project

Consider make a donation, be a patron or buy a device:


NOTE: Supporting our Citizen Science Initiative many people be able to fight for air quality rights in many countries with this kind of problems. More info in CanAir.IO

For our supporters, patrons or donors, we will send the files for our coming version:

CanAirIO firmware for TTGO T-Display. You can follow the next guide for details:

Zip Archive - 1.09 MB - 06/14/2021 at 21:50


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    Components and materials

    Please first review the last updated list of components and 3D Printer files here

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    Paint the display white border to black
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    Start with reset button (power button)

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