PCB Rev 2

A project log for Modernish-Wireless-Retro-Joystick

Wii Remote & ESP32 based wireless joystick interface for Atari-style joysticks to keep busy little hands away from vintage hardware.

mulcmumulcmu 06/09/2021 at 12:020 Comments

One leg of the digital pot needed to be tied to +5 and the other end floating.  Rev 1 of the PCB connected the leg to ground instead.  I was able to rework the current board to correct the but put a lot of heat into the chip getting the enamel wire soldered.  Doesn't seem like they are covering full range of resistance any more....

Also added a jumper to allow Atari to power the ESP32 dev board.  So far I've been powering with separate USB power supply.

Rev 2 PCB board order was placed last night.