Quantity   Component name
1 × Illumination unit (custom PCB and 3D printed housing). 30€ including two IR LED at 1200 and 1600nm (~200nm bandwidth) and a 405nm laser-diode.
1 × Scanning spectrometer. 65€ including a flat diffraction grating (photographic slide format, 600 groove/mm), few lenses, a NEMA 17 motor (for horizontal circular scan); as well as a CNC base (aluminium) and pinhole (copper sheet)
1 × Detection unit (custom PCBs and 3D printed housing). 45€ Including NIR Photodiode, 1 GigaOhm transimpedance amplifier, micro stepper motor (for vertical linear scan), 2mm shafts and zero-backlash spring
1 × Control Board. 40€ Including ARM MCU, Low noise power supply (from USB 1A), ADC, PDM controlled sources generation, USB Communication