Source code for the STM32 available

A project log for Portable Foldable Scoreboard

A portable, scalable and foldable display, that can be used as a Scoreboard or Timekeeper in outdoor sport events, with minimal setup

LordGuillyLordGuilly 06/09/2021 at 18:342 Comments

It probably still needs more tidy up, but I uploaded the code to Github.

At the moment, it's expected to be uploaded to the Bluepill by the dapboot bootloader, so the "make" output won't work out of the box.

The steps would be to flash a FW image of the dapboot bootloader to the Bluepill with the ST tools , and the use the DFU tools to flash the application.

It sounds unnecessary complicated for a development stage, but it's a better solution in the long term, as it will allow normal, non technical users to upgrade the FW.

Hopefully will be able to upload more instructions and tidy up some things in the next couple of days


dennis.joslin wrote 06/15/2021 at 03:55 point

Thanks for posting the source!  Got the source compiled and flashed to my Bluepill today, now need to wire up the LED's to test it!  What is the toggle switch for, it's not on the list of materials and I just noticed it today? 

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dennis.joslin wrote 06/15/2021 at 21:28 point

Looked through the source and figured it out!  Thanks again for sharing this project, looking forward to finishing it up once the last switch arrives.

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