How I Made It:


  • First I had setup the nRF5340 with Zephyr OS and all its dependencies like west.
  • Then Installed the nRF Toolchain.
  • Then tested out sample code for blinky and ncs-display.
  • Then worked on reading values from Potentiometer and PWM Signals generated from Arduino

Hardwareand Build

The Main Parts were the Body Case and Wiring the Cables

3D Printed

1 / 2 • 3D Printed

  • Then the Jumper Cables were Attached to nRF5340 by soldering Headers to Remaining Analog and Ground Pins as All header pins were occupied by Display Shield.
  • To use it as a Wearable, I have added place for adding Flaps on both sides of 3D Printed Case
  • And to use with Fingers I have Printed Finger Holders

Future Work

There are many improvements I am adding to it

  • Adding Voltage StepDown Circuit to support greater voltages
  • Adding Current Sensing by using Shunt Resistor Method
  • Creating a GUI with touch for switching between features and voltages.