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A project log for X printer V2

Portable CoreXY 3D printer - lighter, more compact than V1

malte-schraderMalte Schrader 09/19/2023 at 21:123 Comments

Above you can see a timelapse of a vase-mode print.

The build of the printer is a bit ahead of the logs. I'll try to reconstruct the process of the last few months in the future logs.

Problems with the current printhead
I found out that the chosen IR-sensor for the automatic-bed-leveling does not work reliably on a textured, black PEI print bed. Because of that I want to switch to a bltouch sensor which should work better. 

Secondly the printhead in general has some shortcomings, it has only one large 40mmx20mm radial-fan for part cooling, which is not ideal for achieving an even part cooling effect. After seeing the video by DIY PERSPECTIVE and his data showing that two narrow 10mm fans are quieter than one 20mm wide fan at the same airspeed, I decided to replace the current one with two 10mm wide fans on either side of the hotend. 

Lastly the collapsible mount for the bowden tube is not working very well. Thus I have to think about a new mechanism to fold the bowden tube away from the printhead.


helge wrote 05/18/2024 at 14:05 point

Really cool to see a project update after quite some time. I did play around with some ideas ( but it seems it's managing okay as it is. Would love to see another update on it when you find the time to document the progress :)

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kelvinA wrote 09/20/2023 at 01:13 point

Great news to see on my way to bed, just after finding out that Thunderbolt 5 has finally been officially announced. Now I can sleep peacefully, knowing that this elegant printer project is still alive too.

Was a bed levelling solution using the nozzle tip ever considered (piezo / load cell), or new (metal sensing) solutions such as the Beacon sensor or BDsensor for fast meshing?

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Malte Schrader wrote 09/20/2023 at 19:28 point

I'd like to try load cells, but haven't found an off-the-shelf solution that is small, the ability to probe the print bed directly with the nozzle is really nice. I chose the Bltouch because I just wanted a probe that worked, was already well supported and was relatively small. 

The eddy current probes look interesting too. Sadly the Beacon is too big and the constraint of having to mount it away from metal makes it hard to integrate. I think the BDsensor hadn't klipper support at the time I made the decision, but it does now. So now it's actually a really great option for the Xprinter, it's smaller and more convenient than the Bltouch. Thank you for bringing it up, I almost forgot about it

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