Let Down and Hanging Around

A project log for Rämixx500 - Amiga 500+ Mainboard

Open Hardware Remake of this Commodore Masterpiece

SukkoPeraSukkoPera 06/20/2021 at 08:450 Comments

I was let down a lot by how the "Community" received this board. I thought it would spark a lot of interest, as it could be the starting point for a lot of new things.

The first obvious goal was making replacement boards for A500+ machines but this was not the final step, in my vision it only served to validate the schematics, as they could be full of errors (I can now tell you there are a few subtle ones in the ones published by Commodore). I felt I had done quite a bit already and I was really hoping for someone to jump in and help me do that, in perfect Open Development style (Release early, release often). Once that was done, we could add new features to that board, or we could use the schematics to make ATX-format Amiga mainboard, or whatever comes to mind.

No one understood that. Many people were happy but no one wanted to join the effort. There was another replacement board on the market, it was not an open project, but that was probably enough for the Community. No one understood what having a matching schematics and board under an open license could lead to, and how it was key for the long-term survival of the Amiga.

I love the Amiga, I want its legacy to live on, but very few people share this feeling, evidently.