The reason for the re-introduction of this radio is the new library created by mr.Ricardo Lima Caratti for SI4735, which contains an updated sketch specifically created for this small receiver. If you are using a SI4735-D60 or SI4732-A10 based circuit, you can also use this sketch to add the SSB functionality to the original project.

 If you are using the original SI4730-D60 based circuit, the SSB will not work. However, the STEP, FM/RDS, MODE, AGC, Attenuation, bandwitdth, Soft Mute, Audio Volume and Shortwave will work fine. This sketch is very similar to the previous sketch (MIRKO_V1.ino). The new features of the MIRKO_V2.ino is shown below.
    -New menu setup;
   The receiver current status is stored into Arduino EEPROM;
   FM RDS;
   FM frequency step;
   FM Bandwidth control.

    Detailed instructions on how to make this little radio can be found in one of my previous videos:
  You can download MIRKO_V2.ino sketch on GitHub :