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A project log for Robotic Flexor

A passive linear actuator based on a simple solenoid to recreate the flex motion of biological muscles.

josh collinsjosh collins 07/18/2021 at 05:180 Comments

In my last post, I show how I thought I could solve for the magnetic force of a solenoid. I decided to use the equation of a solenoid with no core as the magnetic energy and find the force by plugging in flux density B of a solenoid with its plunger at an arbitrary position, then dividing it by the length. I didn't think about the fact that Force = change in energy / length. Instead I was trying to find force using a specific position, which doesn't really make much sense. I realized this the day after posting it, but I haven't had time to work on this lately, so In the next post I will rework the math.