Arduino Game Controller For PC and Android

I made this game controller by using arduino Uno . By using Physically Challenged People Can Create There Own Joystick

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I made this joystick by using arduino uno and a special libary called UnoJoy . This support only for arduino Uno . This controller work in both PC and Android especially in games like racing and simulator . I made a steering wheel and gun for playing in PC



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    Convert Arduino Uno Into Joystick


    1) I have attached a UnoJoy File . In the file First Install JRE Flip Installer

    2) Then Connect Arduino to Your PC or Laptop

    3) Open UnoJoyArduinoSample Upload the code to your arduino

    4) Short Reset and Ground Pin of Arduino Uno. To enter into DFU (device frimware update ) mode

    5) Run Turn Into A Joystick Batch File

    6) Unplug and replug Arduino

    7) Now Your Arduino is converted to Joystick

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    Circuit Connection

    In This project I used old Drone Transmitter . In the transmitter I used six Push Button and One Analog Joystick 

    1) Soldered All Six Push Button one pin as common for Ground

    2) And Took Six Separate Wire from Push button For using as Input on Arduino Uno Digital Pins ( Use Digital Pins 2 - 13 )

    3) In Analog Joystick I used X axis Only because In UnoJoy You Can use only one axis

    4) Connect Analog Joystick Power and Ground Pin To arduino 5V and Gnd Pin

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    Checking JoyStick

    1) Connect Joystick To Your PC

    2) Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers > UnoJoy Joystick > Left Click > Game Controller > Properties

    3) Move Joystick X axis You Can See any Variation in Your Monitor

    4) Click Push Button To check Whether It is Working Or Not

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