diy electric one-wheeled vehicle

another approach to making a DIY "one wheel"

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I recently got my hands on a used E-scooter wheel hub motor. Without any deep thoughts on the details of this challenge, I decided to build a simple one-wheel. To avoid buying batteries that would be for nothing in case I will not be able to ride this contraption it will use standard cordless-drill batteries (18V Li-Ion) I already have.
So far, all I have is a quick design idea made up with fusion 360.

Normally I would not share this kind of "just for fun" project but I thought it could fit the Reimagine Supportive Tech challenge. In the best case, the outcome is a modular, easy-to-build one-wheel platform. If it gets too complicated, expensive, or dangerous to ride I will change my plan and convert it to an e-scooter.

For the start, I sketched up a curse schematic of the code, electronics, and power distribution the board needs: 

The Idea is that a gyro will input the current angle of the board to an Arduino mega. The Arduino will then calc an appropriate control voltage for the motor controller.  However, with the motor controller, I selected it will not be possible to make it completely self-balancing.  I try to keep it simple:  "lean forward" -> "increase control voltage" //"lean forward to much" -> "stop motor" ?


Gyro: GY-521 MPU6050

Arduino: Mega 2650

DAC: MCP4725 12Bit I2C 

MC: Generic Brushless Controller 36V / 48V 350W

Motor: Keenso 10-Zoll-Radnabenmotor

Batterie: Li-Ion, 18 V, 2x 2,5 Ah

I already think this ding will be extremely difficult to ride for me. (I am not exactly a sporty person. Like a surfer or snowboarder) 

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stefan.schnitzer wrote 07/29/2021 at 18:41 point

like that (in theory) ->

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projecter wrote 07/29/2021 at 20:28 point

Looks good, thank you.

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projecter wrote 07/28/2021 at 18:49 point

How do you stand on it? how do you steer?

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Starhawk wrote 07/29/2021 at 19:43 point

It's a single-wheeled skateboard. Look up the OneWheel.

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