3D FPV Goggles

Combine two DJI FPV goggles into a single pair of stereoscopic FPV goggles.

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The goal of this project is to create low latency digital stereoscopic FPV goggles for FPV drones, although this could also be used for any remote 3D viewing application where low latency is needed. There are some solutions for analog stereoscopic FPV, however, there is no low latency solution for digital stereoscopic FPV. DJI FPV goggles have 28ms of latency, which is fairly ideal for FPV drones, but only receive one video stream, and do not support stereoscopic FPV. However, fortunately for this project, in order to keep the size of the goggles compact, DJI uses one screen for each eye, even though they are displaying identical video on each screen. So theoretically if you connect the video output of one set of goggles into one of the screens on the other set of goggles, you should be able to display 3D video by displaying a different video feed to each eye. For transmitting 3D video, I will use two separate video transmitters, each with their own camera.

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