Quantity   Component name
1 × XYZ mechanics See "Parts Prices" log entry
1 × Electronics
1 × Laser-cut parts from 1/8" (3mm) hardboard
1 × frame & counterbalance
1 × rotary tool
  • included clamp fits Dremel®-like tools with 1-7/8" cylinder bodies like canonical model 395 type {n<=5} or current models 100 & 200, and many clones
  • or adapt removable clamp for something else
1 × milling cutter bits start with a 10-pack of 1mm end mills, e.g. "10pcs Double 2 Flute Spiral Carbide Flat Nose End Mill" at AliExpress for
1 × optional upgrade: limit switches But while writing this I figured out that I didn't really need them for the reason I thought I did, so if I'd got that right I probably still wouldn't have any. I'm using these with wire & 2p 0.1" female connectors
1 × optional upgrade: small air pump for chip clearance if enclosed. can be really small like cheapest aquarium pump. with short 3/16" hose, paper cone nozzle, stiff wire (e.g. clothes hanger wire) support. (if not enclosed: toothbrush)