I'll post photos of the test setup I have.
Currently I have the 6 address lines set up to dip switches with pulldown resistors.  I have each data in pin connected to a button with a pulldown.  The chip has an internal resistor I assume is used as a pullup for the open collector output.  I've tried the output with the built in resistor and with an external 10k pullup.  There is a microswitch connected to the CS pin in the picture to see if enabling and disabling the chip would make any difference but it didn't.

I made an adapter to make connecting the old Soviet designed chips easier.  If anyone is interested I can post the files for that.

If anyone comes across this and has any ideas on what I may be doing wrong or knows who to ask about this kind of thing please let me know.  If I manage to figure it out I'll update this project and get a tiny memory module made and connect it to an Arduino.

I also delidded one and took a very crappy die shot with my phone camera and the eye piece from one of those kids microscopes.  One of these days I'll get one of those USB microscopes.  I think it's interesting anyway.