Created with these premises in mind:

  1. Has to be adaptable to any webcam
  2. Have to be easy to print and set-up
  3. Arduino compatible / Python code controllable
  4. With a smooth but fast movement
  5. Accurate
  6. Robust but portable

This remotely operated Webcam robot is a remotely controlled arduino robot created with 3D printed parts. With only two NEMA17 motors (popular and inexpensive), this robot is able to point any object in the X and Y axis. The amplitude, speed and acceleration of its movements can be configured in the CODE. The maximum WI-FI signal range is 60 meters (direct view).

Webcam pointer robot Specifications

  • Total height: 200 mm.
  • Nº of axis: 2 (altitude and azimuth)
  • Freedom of movement: -60° to +240° altitude, 0° to ±180° azimuth
  • Max rotational speed: 360°/second 
  • Total Weight: 920 grams
  • Repeatability (degrees): 0.1
  • Maximum Payload Capacity without the need of weight balancing (camera/laser/torch):280 grams
  • Driving motors: 2x NEMA17 1.8° stepper motor
  • Can control a 12V up to 0.5A light/laser via software when connected to the AUX port on the DEVIA control board.
  • Firmware: Arduino code. Control software: Python. Both are freely available.
  • Xbox /PS4 controller compatible
  • Portable (you can use any 9 to 15V DC battery pack or power source)

ABOVE: Mounting an action camera used as webcam

Assembly instruction, BOM and CODE can be found here: