A project log for Project Scrappy

Open Source Modular Robot

daniel-resioDaniel Resio 09/20/2021 at 03:190 Comments

This is the first alpha release of Project Scrappy. This includes all of the developed CAD files to date. 


The CAD files include the first structure of the system, with legs built for stepper motor for actuation. It also has a Jetson Nano mounted vertically with a SLA battery for a power source. All of this is designed to be printed on the 7"x7"x7" print bed on the Prusa Mini 3D printer. All fastening hardware is designed to be M3 bolts and nuts. Further work will be improving mounting parts, ease of assembly, and optimizing parts to be 3D printed, as the current covers would take nearly a full day to print due to the geometry. 


So far a simple 5V regulator to feed from the SLA battery has been created to allow for further expansion on the Jetson and Raspberry PI GPIO pins. The weird shape for the PCB is so it can be easily panelized, however with more components added the footprint will likely have to change.

Please feel free to check out the files in the github repository and suggest anything with the progress. Keep in mind this is very early on, however expect more development soon. Thanks for reading!