CB2 micro

Perhaps, the cheapest and easiest to build color opensource microcomputer in the world!

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CB2 micro, is one of the simplest COMPLETE color BASIC microcomputers you can build.

Build the CB2 micro within 30 minutes and experience the early 80's microcomputers without the cost and limitations of the hardware.


  • Standalone, no need for a PC to program and display.
  • 16 foreground and background colors (PAL/NTSC) on TV SCART (RGB/Hsync/Vsync), pseudographics and grayscale composite onboard. More colors possible with dithering. Color composite/HDMI/VGA support with external converters.
  • Sound with envelope and volume adjustment.
  • PS/2 keyboard (or USB with adapter), RS232, 2x serial TTL, LPT, 8x A/D inputs and I2C, all BASIC controlled.
  • Tiny-BASIC with featured embedded editor, Chip8, SCHIP, 8080 and AVR-native binaries supported.
  • 8 programs storage in internal flash, cross programs calls, external flash and EEPROM options.
  • Terminal program, color terminal, X-modem transfer, PC connectivity, networking.
  • Games, applications, libraries and hardware extensions available. Automatic program execute option on boot.
  • Easy to assemble, through hole standalone components (no modules) and cheap!

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