A more formal progress log can be found on the ESPHub's Hardware Wiki.

Each release also includes a BOM, PicknPlace, and Gerber files which are available on the Releases page of the Github repo.

The goal of this project was to create a small device that can be placed in a room to monitor the Temperature, Humidity, and Light value. This data could then be sent back to Home Assistant to allow for data collection and automations.

I wanted more experience programming the ESP8266, so the software that I created for it allows for a single one of the devices to act as the central hub, where other devices can then connect back to that one and report their data. This should allow for consolidation of devices on a single network and avoid many small IOT devices from crowding it. The software is available on the ESPHub Software Repo.

Another goal was to not reinvent the wheel and to use sensors that were already integrated with ESPHome, so users can choose any method of feeding data back to Home Assistant that they wish.