A project log for Commodore 64 Diagnostic Dongle

Instead of making FIVE different dongles for C64 diagnostics, I'm just going to make ONE

Justin DavisJustin Davis 10/28/2021 at 18:130 Comments

I realized that 5 boards is the same price as 10 boards when ordering from PCBWay.  So I ordered 10 instead because maybe I could them as breakout boards or something.  And then I realized that I probably should have put more features into the boards because everybody will order at least 10, so what do you do with the 5 extras?  Since the boards are hardwired to jumper certain pins together, that makes it tricky to use it as a regular breakout.  But the board's reset switch will work on any port that has the reset connected.  And the LED will work on any port that has power and ground.  

I thought maybe connecting some thermocouples to the paddle ports so I can do temperature monitoring of the hot chips on the board.  Maybe I'll think of something else.