Tweak #37

A project log for Tired Clock

A clock that is very tired, hands hanging down. Until someone approaches it

michael-mllerMichael Möller 12/08/2021 at 08:420 Comments

.. or thereabouts. I visit the exhibition weekly, and it it "works". Sometimes the hands get stuck, but after a few cycles it is back to doing it right.  I've fiddled with everything

Finally noticed that when I test the clock (standing on the table or holding it) it works fine but not when hanging on the wall. The hook is fixed to the centre hole where the axis protrude. THERE is something that moves when it is hung up, causing more friction on the axis.

Solution was to change where the clock is hung. It is now hung from the frame and seems to be working beautifully.

(Edit 3 days later: Yes, still works.)