BLE Tutorial for Arduino using BleuIO

An example project showing a quick way to setup an Arduino with a USB Host Shield as a USB CDC Host capable of communicating with BleuIO

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When a BleuIO Dongle is connected to the USB port, the BleuIO Dongle will start advertising. It will then act as a terminal, taking input and sending data to the Arduino Virtual Com Port.

We have used an Arduino Uno Rev. 3 with SparkFun’s USB Host Shield (DEV-09947) for this example.

You can get project HERE
This project based on the ‘acm_terminal’ example in the Host USB Shield Library 2.0

What you will need
A BleuIO dongle with firmware version 2.1.0 or later
An Arduino Uno Rev. 3 (
An USB Host Shield (
The Arduino IDE (
Host USB shield library 2.0

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