A Working Board.

A project log for Hello, my name is: a wearable name badge

A programable and wearable electronic name badge that scrolls a name over several LED matrixes.

MadisonMadison 11/27/2021 at 00:530 Comments

  Now that I had my boards, it was time to populate them! I didn't order a stencil with this batch, so everything needed to be placed by hand and soldered in place. I have some experience with smd parts, but I still need to practice how steady of a hand I have with 603 components. If I'm making a more beginner friendly kit or board, I may change things to 1206 components. With the low amount of passives the boards takes, hopefully it wouldn't be too frustrating for them. 

In my own excitement to see things working, I didn't take many photos of the assembly process. It's something easy to forget when you're just a little bit away from seeing your project come to life! Since I plan on making a small manual for people, I'll have to document the process with a second board. A friend of mine will be getting the second one, and they chose red leds instead of white.  

After inspecting all my joints and using a multimeter to do a continuity test, I was ready to put a bootloader on the AT-Tiny and flash firmware using a test clip. I used SpenceKonde's AT-Tiny Core, which allows a lot of control for setting fuses. It was then that I saw my first signs of life with a successful bootloader and firmware flash on to the MCU!

There was one thing left to do then, and that was to flip the switch and hope I passed the magic smoke test.

I'd say that's a success!