CFexpress Type B to SSD Adapter Converter

A cheap& quick DIY way to convert the NVMe SSD(2230) to CFexpress

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The CFexpress card is normally used in high-standard digital SLR cameras, and the latest Xbox S series. Its Max reading rate can be up to 1000M...But the problem is that a CFexpress card is expensive, a 256G CFexpress card can be $250 at Amazon...

So i designed this converter, to make the SSD to CFexpress card. it features:

1. Fully compatible with NVMe SSD 2230, the SSD can be directly installed into the case, without any modification/processing of the SSD.

2. Consideration of the heatsink, by big arear of ENIG both top& bottom side, and also the top metal case.

3. HIGH-speed PCB layout, do not lead to any SSD speed losses.4.

4. Fully compatible with Cameras(with Standard CFexpress plot)/Xbox/card readers. The camera CFexpress slot can be closed the same as a standard CFexress card.

i manually made the metal case so may not good looking, but i ensure it works as intended. Planing to make a mold to produce it, depends on how many people may get interest on it

Simple Steps to install a 2230 NVMe SSD.

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tywy wrote 06/13/2022 at 08:28 point

i hate sd card is possible using normal usb A flash disc to raspberry pi boot disc?

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