Requirements are following:
1) Safety of the operator (Safety first. But i don't know, how safe it would be to be honest, but i will put my best effort to make it safe) #safeSex
2) Inflatable mecha-phallus with sensors.
3) Inflation can be triggerd manually.

Probably future features:
4) System to recognize "right" stimulation so the operator does not have to activate the mecha-phallus manually.
5) Stimulation system for female genitalia to translate the sensation of the mecha-phallus onto the female genitalia.
6) Tele-mutual masturbation if i can build two.
7) Some reservoir for some safe to consume fluids, which can be triggered through "right" stimulation.

Even if this does not get finished on time, i will exhibit it there and keep building it there: