Page 2: Project Description & Instructions


The user interacts with a “book” that is fixed to a podium. A VR headset is placed next to the book. The book starts closed with the title. The first page is an introduction and provides instructions to the user. This will be bi-lingual. There is also braille for the user to be introduced to the concept. 

The user is then instructed to put on the VR headset and turn the page. This page is in braille. As instructed, the user uses their finger to “read” the braille. Simultaneously, the words appear in the VR headset and this initiates the VR experience.

Book Content:


Cover Page:



An empathy experience


Page 1: Introduction

85 million people in China have 1 or more disabilities

17.3 million people are diagnosed with visual impairment

450,000 people experience vision loss each year in China

~1 person every minute





Perspective is an experience to raise awareness and stimulate reflection. As we perceive a day in the life of a person with disabilities, we become aware of the world in a whole new way. We rely on our other senses to help communicate with the world around us. 

By empathizing with a person with disabilities, we can identify barriers that cause exclusion. Inclusive design then helps us find solutions that either remove or overcome these barriers. 

“视角”是一次沉浸式体验,意在提升认知和引起反思。当我们体验残疾人生活中的一天时,我们能够以一种全新的方式了解这个世界, 依靠其他感官来帮助我们与周围的世界沟通。通过共情残障人士,我们希望找出阻碍包容的因素,并通过阻碍包容性设计找到消除或克服这些阻碍因素的解决方法。

Page 2: Project Description & Instructions

Haibin came to Shanghai 6 years ago because he found the city “exciting”. Barely able to see anything, Haibin was trained and now works as a masseur. He is also interested in psychology and tries to apply some of the psychological knowledge when he provides service to the clients. 


For a person who is blind or has low vision, braille is used to read and write. It is a tactile writing system consisting of patterns of raised dots that is read by using the fingertip across the dots. This is the braille for the word: 


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