Inverter Rear Wall.pdf

To-scale view of inverters, combiner boxes, battery shelves, and breaker panels for sizing/placement analysis. Also note Mr Reddy Kilowatt holding the kid at knifepoint. This is integral to the design and it's on order from Etsy.

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Shed Wall Studs.pdf

Illustrates wall stud placement to align with James Hardie fiber cement exterior paneling.

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Blue ECO Carpet Just Because.pdf

Everything EV-related has to be blue, hence blue carpet. Wanted something to protect the OSB flooring from damage, also protect my knees. Note the carpet is cheap but the glue isn't.

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Battery Shelves Overhead.pdf

Illustrates how much space the 16S 2P arrays of 280Ah LFP batteries will consume.

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Roof Truss Gussets.pdf

Optimal cuts for making rood truss gussets from OSB sheets. Want to be efficient with the expensive carbohydrate foam.... scrap can be used to build battery box.

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Hardie Backer Sketch.pdf

Manufacturer recommends cement backer behind inverters. Sounds smart, but Hardie Backer is oddball 3ft x 5ft sizes... Cuts TBD.

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Pressure Treat Forklift Skid Base.pdf

Design goal to make this shed semi-portable in case the lot placement doesn't work out in the future. Using ground-contact PT lumber for a skid. Note the highlighted center area is where plywood is to be put underneath to prevent tipping off the forks. Meant to be picket up from the heavy rear with the pair of 175 lb inverters.

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Battery Shelf Arrangements.pdf

Sketches of best terminal arrangements to get 16S 2P array or 16S 1P expandable to 2P

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Roof Appearance.pdf

Made to match my existing sheds, garage, & house terra cotta colors. Shingles are hard to find right now!!!

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Floor Joists.pdf

Joists above PT skid, for insulating the floor to keep batteries above low-temp cutoff. You could save a lot of money on lumber if you build on a concrete slab and forgo the PT lumber and these joists.

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Roof Trusses.pdf

Dimensioning for making optimal sized roof from 4x8 sheet goods.

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TOU Prices Winter.png

California SDGE Winter Rates

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TOU Prices Summer.png

California SDGE Summer Rates

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