Example commands:

Switch off the relay

> write off 

 Toggle the relay

> write toggle

 Read current switch state

> read state

 Repeatedly turn on the switch for 1s and then turn it off for 1s

> write step.1.state=on
> write step.1.delay=1000
> write step.2.state=off
> write step.2.delay=1000
> write process.end_step=2
> write process.mode=cycle
> write process.run

The above commands record 2 steps. Step 1 turns on the switch for 1s. Step 2 turns off the switch for 1s. Set the end index of the steps to be 2. Use cyclic run mode. Finally, start to run the steps.

Pause the running steps

> write process.run=false

 Tune the delay timer to be 1% faster

> write calibration.timer.scale=1.01

 Name the device

> write device.name=MyPowerRelay

Other related command line driven sensors:
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