Large Humanoid Robot

Large Humanoid Robot 150cm
With lightweight plastic design and originally planned for walking

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The 150cm model has the goal of becoming a general purpose robotics platform.
The specs are:

- 150cm Height
- 10kg weight
- 4h Battery life ( not implement)
- Onboard computer
- Sound, Vision, and Motion
- App connectivity
- Functional hands with 1kg payload
- Powerful legs for standing up/ walking
- Soft body panels for human interaction ( see picture of blender rendering )
- Estimated 5000$ assembled cost

Currently, this project is on hold as there are not enough resources to develop it further.
I am spending my time working on my smaller 100cm robot which can be sold soon as a robot cat girl.
details at

I am wondering - would it be a good idea to make this into an open source collaborative project?

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Alexander wrote 04/23/2023 at 22:54 point

The direction is correct, I also thought about it. The commercial version is not acceptable today, it takes time and improvements and tests. I recommend giving everyone the opportunity to assemble this model and share their achievements and improvements.

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