GameBug is a pair of breakout boards for everyone who is making his own games.

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GameBug is an open hardware project (BG000080) for game enthusiast. It consist of 2 breakout boards that you can put on a breadboard. This way you can turn your breadboard into awesome game controller or a hand held console.

First thing first GameBug has 2 analog joysticks form Adafruit. Then there are 4 directional buttons on each pad from OMRON. The red buttons have really nice long travel and are joy to play with. On the top a shoulder buttons are located. Last but not least there are 4 selector switched with individual LEDs indicators. All the digital inputs without the selector switches are hardware debounced so you don't have to worry about double press or false presses.

For feedback there are supper bright RGB LEDs for back lighting and each pad has haptic motor. Both the motor and the RGB LEDS can be PWM controlled.

Thank you for checking my project out. Everything is available on GitHub so you can make your own or get a pair on tindie!

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  • 2 × Analog joystick from Adafruit. joystick
  • 8 × B3AL-1000P from Omron Switches and Relays / Switches
  • 2 × KRTB AELPS1.32 from Osram RGB LEDs
  • 2 × MAX1749EUK from Maxim Integrated haptic motor driver
  • 2 × SN74HCS14PWR from TI Schmitt trigger

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