AVRs EVERYWHERE! Stick random processors on EVERYTHING.

Baltimore, MD
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Things I've Built

Minecraft running on an Microscope Slide

...on an AVR.

LEDs in DDR Pads

Are your conventional lights in your regular DDR machine not bright enough? Try 80 watts worth of LEDs.

Using GPUs to Output things to your oscilloscope

Makes pretty pictures

Using a Transcend Wifi SD Card with your computer.

Hook up a transcend Wifi SD card to the network without a host.

Low-latency AVR-based sound card.

AVRs apparently can make good, low-latency sound cards.

That clear keytar I never finished

Yeah, totally didn't do it, but it's why I made a number of my other projects!

CR999 Color Sensor Nintendo Zapper

A Nintendo Zapper with a CR999 Color Sensor. Point, shoot, now you know the color.

Clear Glass AVR Clock

Thermal Tape PCBs

Ever need to sink a lot of heat from your PCB? Need it sooner than later? You can print PCBs right on thermal tape.

AVR (Really) Tiny ISP

Here's one of the programmers I use on most of my projects.

AVR Pocket Watch

Conventional pocket watches not useless enough? Try putting an AVR in it.

SceneDepth GPU Ray Tracer

Render arbitrary polygonal meshes, etc. on the GPU.

GPU Music

Play music on your guitar, with the EMI coming from your GPU!

GPU Boyd Flock Simulation

Simulate many agents all operating together in an environment together, on the GPU.

ColorChord 1: Sound to Light Conversion

It took a GPU, and tons of effort, but I got a system that converts sound to light!

AVR Capacitive Spinners, etc.

Abusing the I/O on an AVR to read values of all kinds.

Semantic Light

Interact with rich data coming out of a projector using things in the physical world.

NoEuclid 1: My first non-euclidean ray tracer.

Ray tracing too easy? On the GPU? In real time? No problem... Now let's make it non-euclidean.


Ever wonder what those QR codes that go across your screen say? This'll tell you.

PS2 AVR Synthesizer

I took too many AVRs stuck them in this yellow box, plugged up a PS/2 port and fun happened.

AVR NTSC Oscilloscope

You can use the ADC on an AVR to make an o-scope... Not sure how that's possible, but it is!

AVR LED Butterfly

I used a bunch of LEDs to make a gift for my mother.

Tegederm Seals My Projects in Silicone

I found out I could use Tegederm to seal my electronics in silicone. That makes them last longer, right?

Glass PCBs

Aren't they pretty? They work, and they're made out of glass. They're also fragile. What a feature!

Copper Birthday Gift

Etching copper for a fun gift.

Facebook Net Viewer

Uses a spring system to analyze grouping of friends on Facebook

Optical DDR Pads

Uses light to detect your steps.

GPU-Based Distributed Ray Tracing

Many rays per pixel... all on an ancient GeForce 6600

LED Guitar

Strapped some LEDs in a Acrylic Galveston Guitar

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mr.jb wrote 02/18/2015 at 08:02 point

Here are some snippets added your WS2812 code,  hope you like it ;-)


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CNLohr wrote 02/18/2015 at 13:53 point

I saw your thing go across the bottom of the ticker on maybe a week? ago.  I clicked and was really happy.  For the second time I am ever aware of, someone actually took one of my hacks and did something with it! 

Some people have been complaining about my WS2812B timing.  I tried to get it in the dead center, but it looks like that may not have worked.  If you have better timing code, I would probably just blindly accept the github commit.

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mr.jb wrote 02/18/2015 at 15:46 point

> second time

=) you have made lots of fun projects !!  ( think you demonstrate the essence of creativity )

> complaining about my WS2812B timing

1.  you mentioned the  capacitor problem 

2. there are at least three kinds of leds ws2812b ws2812 ws2811.....

I think you've got the timing right for WS2812B, I doubled it and made some adjustments for 160MHz. But while playing around, switching between 80-160 MHz I noticed the driver still worked ....I'm quite convinced it runs on 160Mhz but I can't explain how the driver with twice the delay still works in 80MHz. I'll have to double check the code ... the other explanation is it still inside the 150ns tolerance per bit..!?

> blindly accept the github

I think some kind of define is needed to select delay matching CPU speed and brand of WS28XX

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CNLohr wrote 02/18/2015 at 18:27 point

I didn't know you could double? half? the speed?

If you find any problems with it, please push back the branch, I'd love to have it be more versatile.

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