[T] Face-worn input device?

A project log for Tetrinsic [gd0041]

A continuous, motorized fader that is force sensitive, haptic and self-sterilising.

kelvinakelvinA 12/04/2023 at 22:531 Comment

I was writing this log and then something happened and poof it went, so I have to write it all again. I must embrace the saltiness I feel. 

Moving on, I haven't been able to get around to learning how to set up and simulate electromagnetic coils for use in Tetrinsic. I just lack the time (and time security). This entire situation is a cyclic redundancy, as I want to use a Tetrinsic powered input device to research/design/document Tetrinsic.

Conceptually, the plans I've got for #Tetrescent [gd0150] meet or exceed my needs and wants for an input device, but there is one thing that is still missing and is one of the important ones: wearability. #Tetent TimerSpy [gd0136] was when I tried solve this with a wrist or hand mounted solution, but that had its own challenges -- namely that I couldn't easily take my coat on/off and that coming up with a solution where I could enter data with both hands was difficult. Now, it seems that Tetrinsic would be too large for such a solution anyway.

After starting my new Head Mounted Display (HMD) project, #Itinervate [gd0151], I started considering a head-mounted input device to complement it, specifically one where the active area is against the cheeks. The benefits I thought of were:

This is a roughly-scale sketch of what I was able to create in PowerPoint:

Image Source

I intend for those diagonal bends to actually be a smooth curve, so the above is more like a low-poly rendition. I'm also expecting the trailing edge to get smaller (kind of like a comet). The grey lines are Tetrinsics that have at least 90mm of stroke length (to make sure that there's enough space for both my fingers and the electromagnetic coils). Since the middle white part curves downwards and becomes shorter than this distance, I've decided to make 2 of the Tetrinsics longer and terminate those at the top of the part that covers the ear. Then there are 2 dark grey lines which represent imitation Tetrinsics (similar to fake speaker grills). 

I haven't yet considered how this is all to be mounted to the head as I want it to complement Itinervate, which I haven't yet made a concept for. All I know is that there are going to be 2 screens above natural eye level that come out from the centre.


kelvinA wrote 12/19/2023 at 17:11 point

This sounds useful for learning about audio:

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