[M] Quad Symmetry

A project log for Tetent [gd0090]

An input (and output) device for quickly typing text and equations, gaming, drawing and cursor/6DoF movement.

kelvinAkelvinA 04/07/2023 at 22:270 Comments

Subject: Aesthetic Compliance

adjusts glasses

The bezel is larger due to the LCD chin, and the dark grey was chosen as a nicer, mellow colour (compared to white or black) to stare at for hours. 

I do acknowledge that black looks better from a purely aesthetic position as well as matches with Teti's 4K monitors:

I'm not letting this feature die off so easily.

- Officer of Feature Investment 

Re: Aesthetic Compliance

Impressive speed, but I've had to make 2 alterations. The black bezel will be chosen and the nauseating rounded corners were replaced with small filleted chamfers.

With the grey, there were 4 different colours, when a 3 colour palette would look sharper and more uniform:

And, as you said, black bezels match with the monitors for Teti.

- From the Aesthetics Compliance Division