[T] Frame: SecSavr CeilingSingle

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A 3D printer that I described as "The FULL Coverage, Extended X, Pro Max, Ultramatrix Solution".

kelvinAkelvinA 05/18/2022 at 17:380 Comments

Oh look at that; 50 logs already. 

Anyway, as you may know, this SecSavr printer (that most likely would be called the SecSavr Slab) is somewhat frame agnostic. That's the reason why the frame I'm building, the SecSavr SleepCinema, has its own name. However, it's very unlikely that someone else building it is also starved for bedroom space, incentivising them to build their printer above their bed. Additionally, I've also got to confirm that the "Slabs" can be stacked vertically, as originally intended in the SecSavr Space seen below. 

Therefore, I'm also planning to design another frame called the SecSavr CeilingSingle ("single" because the SleepCinema has 2 sets of Z tubes instead of 1). It would be somewhat of an "example frame" for anybody interested in building the SecSavr to start from. 

UK ceilings are 2.4m on average, so I'll design to that, but it doesn't need to be ceiling height if your requirements don't ask for it. Ideally, I'd also design a left-sliding and right-sliding door variant. I'm not sure if sliding doors are sound-proofable but I like the look and feel of those kinds of doors better than hinged ones, thus I'm doing it on the SleepCinema as well as the CeilingSingle.